Flow Consulting Group Inc specializes in mechanical and electrical systems designs for buildings.

Services provided include building HVAC, plumbing & fire protection, as well as electrical (lighting, power, security & communication) systems design. Energy modeling, government incentive programs, environmental certification (LEED etc) and other energy-saving solutions complement our engineering services.

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    Design of Building HVAC

    Flow Consulting specializes in HVAC systems design and has a wealth of experience and knowledge of systems design, maintenance, operation, and troubleshooting. Learn More

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    Mechanical Systems

    Flow Consulting’s engineers are committed to delivering the optimal design for each application, and pay specific attention and consideration to their client’s needs and requirements. Learn More

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    Electrical Systems

    Flow Consulting Ltd has a core team of electrical engineers and technologists , who provide cost effective electrical systems design for new building construction projects as well as renovations and retrofits. Learn More

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    Energy Modeling

    Flow Consulting’s energy modeling team work closely with mechanical and electrical systems designers to ensure the optimum system performance for each client’s projects requiring these services . Learn More

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    Other Energy Saving Solutions

    Flow consulting offers expertise in a wide range of energy efficiency solutions, with experience in variable flow systems, mechanical and electrical systems optimization. Learn More

Because of the hands-on experience of the professionals at Flow, they are able to do detailed design work for specialized systems over a wide variety of applications.  Some of the specific applications include

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