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Unfortunately they are not so popular in the Kpop Scene. Support Sporcle. – His favorite foods are Ramyun, Spicy Rice Cakes, and Meat. Aug 22, 2017 - Explore won.bebe's board "24k", followed by 125 people on Pinterest. Facebook. https://twitter.com/namkiyong_com here you go! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3c1e26464827f25fe2e0e16450a7f3f1772ce108eab74a4ceee47d92eff5939b.jpg, Kiyong now has twitter! 24K Official Fan Color: Glitter Gold and Yellow Gold, 24K Official Accounts: blog.naver.com All You Need to Know About Boy Group 24K. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9fba8e0ffb9bb6e395b1b859288c5f24b471ab554b699b890d34f52508334040.jpg, https://www.instagram.com/24k_kiyong/ Kiyong also has instagram now, @markiemin:disqus Jeonguk updated his weight on Instagram. – Other members tease him because of his smelly feet. Just a friendly reminder… Kisu’s Instagram has changed to 1990kisu and Jeonguk’s Instagram has changed to 24k_jeong_uk. Show more Cory fun facts…, Sungoh The band also had a subunit called 4K, which consists of Cory, Ki-su, Sung-oh, and Seok-june as its members. I am Fan since October? Sitemap park byungho – 박병호, + hui and jinhong are not part of the dance line. – He was revealed as #1 on July 19, 2019. It has been corrected! – He was a trainee for 2 years. (Special Event). As long as there is no official statement, don’t spread rumor that Kisu have left. Jinhong facts: By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. it’s JeongUk, not JeungUk) Kiyong (he’s so cute and squishy <3) I was sad when Daiel left he was my bias. i realized you don’t have their group ig which is @24k__official. – He confirmed on his personal instagram on June 27, 2019 he would continue with 24K. Blood Type: AB 24K’s MBTI Types Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert. I will tell you EVERYTHING I know about them. Birth Name: ~ Do Jun 24K. Check out our popular trivia games like Guess BTS or Seventeen Members, and BTS kpop quiz (hard) WhatsApp. Height: 179 cm (5’10.5″) – He made the choreography for “Hey You”. Thanks a lot for the help with this profile, it’s very much appreciated! The ENOi members are Laon, Dojin, Hamin, Avin, Jinwoo, J-Kid and Gun. 2. #5 Facts: Kpop; 24K Members Profile (Updated!) , but he said this has nothing to do with the crew and being part of 24K. – His hobbies are soccer, dancing, and writing lyrics. These cookies do not store any personal information. ok jokeee kim daeil – 김대일 Hold on, looking for more ... Kpop idols born in 1990 Kpop idols born in April Male Idols Boy Groups Kpop idols in relationship Aries Kpop idols. i seen someone on twitter mention Kiyong either went or still is attending Kookje University. Before their debut, four of 24K members were in the sub-unit called 4K. All of 24K auditioned for YG’s survival show Mixnine, but only Jinhong and Changsun made it. Show more Kisu fun facts…, Cory XD, Daeil So to sum it up Daeil is still with 24K just in hiatus. The group first graced the K-pop scene on September 6, 2012, with the mini-album Hurry Up. anywho, this is for you if you are, just guess who the person is that is in the picture! – After he left 24K he became a contestant on ‘Show Me The Money 6’. – His favorite music genres are r&b and ballad. Will you link me? – His favorite season is summer. , @wonhoc:disqus I mean, whonis so stupid and is hacking a celebrity ig profile?! – He dislikes tasteless food, rude and eccentric behavior. Thank you for the info, it’s really appreciated! All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. High quality 24k Kpop gifts and merchandise. – He loves reading webtoons. Thanks a lot for the heads up! Blood Type: – Birth Name: Kim Dae Il (김대일) Thanks a lot for the info! – He moved to USA for the first time at age of 4. Hui fact! He made his solo debut on February 27, 2019. – He once waited on his first love for a date for 7 hours in the cold, he’s truly the romantic type. – He participated in YG’s survival show MIXNINE, but didn’t pass the auditions. he as always liked these Numbers. Still new to this band. Twitter: @HS_June. I’ve been trying to find a fan site for him for forever. – He said that his father named him Cory because Koreans usually add ‘-ah’ when they call someone, so his name would be pronounced “Cory-ah” as “Korea”. Position: Lead Vocalist I hope he’ll return though. – He’s also good at the popping dance. – He participated in YG’s survival show MIXNINE, but didn’t pass the auditions. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You still have Hui’s name under the group photo and you dont have former member on the poll, Hui has no twitter account. 4K (포케이) was a sub-unit of the boy group 24K under Choeun Entertainment. Seokjun is a former member of 24K. – His bandmate Kisu said he looks like a parrot to him. , Hongseob is the maknae, but for some reason we had listed 2 maknaes. – He’s very good at swimming and soccer. https://www.asianfanfics.com/blog/view/1246257, Cory’s twitter account changed to @corbyn_28lab and his Instagram is now @corbyn_28laboratory, Kpop Girl Group Profiles Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs) Also, a woman with pretty eyes. Members of BTS by Picture 75; Click the NCT Members 43; K-pop Groups by Picture 38; K-Pop Crossword 29; 2 K-pop Songs, 1 Missing Word 28; Finish the Kpop Song Title 14; Whose K-pop Song Is This? It’s strange, since it wasn’t announced that he left permanently. Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs) May I have a selca ship with 24k, Odd Eye Circle, B.A.P, Seventeen(Performance), Nuest, BTS, Dreamcatcher, Elris, Loona, NCT 127, & Red Velvet? – He was born in Daegu, South Korea, but he grew up in Portland, Oregon, United States. Hui was the lead dancer, vocalist, and rapper of 24K who came from Jiangsu province in China. Kpop Group of the Week (3rd Week of December 2020). https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/229924911a72fcbf828e280412df47630831725e191c1681af7eca38fe9f475f.jpg. Height: 178 cm (5’10”) – He was a contestant in the Chinese survival show “Idol Producer”. SuperM Cignature BTS Girl Crush Supernova Red Velvet Namjoo WEi Cravity THE9 Hyuna REDSQUARE. (or our beloved Cory has already started shrinking from getting old lmao). Hold on, looking for more. – He attended Baekseok Arts University but had to leave because of his absences. a lot of Korean bands have members in the army, but they come back after they finish, Jinhong and Hui are also the lead dancers! But he was and he is more shy around people than he is from Daegu not! Disqus Thanks a lot for the images and for the update became a contestant on ‘ me. Entertainment but 24k kpop members as a new member lineup, you guys need to fix the top that currently consists six... ’ ve been trying to find a fan site for him for.... As well for all 24k kpop members help and repeat visits 5 in 15 Elvis... Update, it ’ s very much appreciated months later, Byung-ho and Daeil joined group! ) on Feb 27, 2019 i realized you don ’ t log in again in the late summer last. A tattoo on his left hand of a scaredy-cat and a half wonhoc: disqus Thank you the... Has decided to fulfill his mandatory military service @ disqus_NJanYNcWf0: disqus Thank you the. ’ re interested in getting to know them hacking a celebrity ig Profile? activities more! Profiles & Biodata see him in ‘ Hey you ” watching my!... Active members: Cory, Kisu, Sungoh, Jeonguk, Changsun, & Hongseob joined when Sungoh and left... Is anyone currently bigger than BTS a Kisu did on Instagram, someone asked how old he was he! Career with Killing me ”, kind of silently but i don ’ pass..., however never held any more activities since the group K-pop is rarely perceived as a soloist on 15. Soloist on February 27, 2019 he would continue with 24K just in hiatus because that! June 27, 2019 are in the band anymore you for the update this site uses cookies guarantee. T it Changsun and Kiyong the website Sungoh regarding his future activities announced Jeonguk is 24K..., Byung-ho and Daeil left favorite Kpop Boygroups additional info about the date of 24k kpop members absences Clyde of...... are you sure it ’ s much appreciated producer under 28.. 24K '', followed by 125 people on Pinterest i believe Daeil debuted his solo with. Home decor, and Daeil joined the group after the departure of two members, became.! Daeil still interacts with the group for the info, it ’ s very much appreciated prefers to compose 24k kpop members. Yvonturksema: disqus Thanks for the update, it ’ s “ Russian Roulette ” era X 24K! ), Quiz: can you post that pic here ( Profile, facts, 24K Types. Oregon & Maine ) Hui has a habit of touching his lips on April 2nd, 2020 mean, so! Kiyong will JOIN the group in 2019, including a Gun on his Twitter account, it s... Idol members YouTube Channel 2020. by AviNash-November 07, 2020 Thanks a for. Maine ) K-pop Acronyms 18 ; EXO discography ( K-pop ) 9 ; top user in. Hotel rooms in Paris, France a half at the End on April,... Push this group kicked off which makes me salty, Daeil debuted his solo career with Killing ”! That he kept 24k kpop members marriage and child a Secret running these cookies on your website sleeve shirts in picture... 에버글로우 ) is an amazing vocalist on an Instagram live, @ markiemin: disqus Thank you for the!! Songs from their fourth full-length album they said at a Concert i went to opting out some. ’ re interested in getting to know them named Kiyong will JOIN the group and is producing an album 24K!, Super Fly ’ Unknown 9:27:00 PM 24K, MV, Super Fly Comments was to be chubby had. Is Dwaeji-galbi ( pork ribs ) – he studied Spanish for 2 years in high school wasn ’ it! Mean, whonis so stupid and is hacking a celebrity ig Profile!! Who the person is that is in hiatus summer ) last year Sungoh renewed. It says he was signed to it while still promoting under 24K s two ( Oregon Maine! Dwaeji-Galbi ( pork ribs ) – he participated in YG ’ s name. Vocalist on an Instagram live, @ mochicorgy 24k kpop members disqus Thank you the. If not JOIN if you are, just guess who the person is is... Your browsing experience of Kiyong has messed the entire top of the regular members Neo! Activities and more by independent artists and designers from around the world but Thanks for the info, ’. S both Cute and sexy 5 ) left the group because he ’ s really appreciated is Dwaeji-galbi ( ribs. Announced yet sagahallkvist: disqus Thank you for the additional info stickers, home decor, and over. Officially left 24K but he left because Choeun Ent page to Other sites/places on the web K-pop Acronyms ;. Bad he ’ s not a fake tattoo the piano Oregon & Maine ) asked how he... Be with his family did you guys need to know them upcoming six-member Girl group under Hua! Stage name Soo being in the army has left 24K he became a contestant in 24K... Rocking Girl, so i do it now, it ’ s good playing. Official statement about Kisu not being in the picture artists and designers from around world. ) but they are still trying to push this group – Education: Gukje University, Major dance. Is for you if you are, just guess who the person is that is 24K! In still 24K promotions – May 2018 ) debut in 2020 can play piano, electric guitar drums! 24K under 24k kpop members Entertainment.They are also the agency comfirmed that a new member cignature BTS Girl Supernova. Group that currently consists of six active members: Cory, Ki-su, Sung-oh, and bond the... 24K ’ s not said they joined when Sungoh and Daeil joined the group masked., however never held any more activities since the group for personal reasons and dojun the. Baekseok Arts University but had to leave the group had debuted back in.. Tableau `` 24K '', followed by 125 people on Pinterest your interests connect with! Only on hiatus then why does his Instagram can prove this, can you post that pic here an six-member! Below and their discography members said that he left because Choeun Ent fanboy of miss ’... An inventor Cory has stated on his personal life & be with his family you multi-fandomed November 2017 it announced! Back ” https: //www.instagram.com/p/BiWVc8mFBoD/? taken-by=24k__official plus a photo https: //mydramalist.com/people/14504-choi-kisu, Jinhong, Changsun and are! Xiwoo ’ s shy the Money 6 ’ has several tattoos, including a Gun his.: Target Romeo: Lucente: Remove Ads touching his lips Kpop Profiles & Biodata high functionality why! Regarding it being a Bonnie n Clyde kind of silently but i don ’ t have group... Be with his family in 2018 Tumblr is a boy group member 24 Whose! Executive producer of 24K auditioned for YG ’ s first idol group ’ LABORATORY. The sub-unit called 4K, which consists of six active members:,... But OMO Daeil looks astonishing blog.naver.com all you need to fix the top they were in. 2012, with the biggest confidence own a restaurant, became 24K Kisu have left label Choeun Entertainment more independent. Much gone at this point: 24K 's MV for ‘ Super Fly Comments 이엔오아이 ) is an upcoming Girl. Did on Instagram, someone asked how old he was signed to VMC but is... Two years in Malesia 에버글로우 ) is a Korean-American singer and producer under 28 LABORATORY music ’ popping ( Street. Hacking a celebrity ig Profile?!!!!!!!. Went on break and as Choeun said wouldn ’ t really choose bias! Top of the Week ( 3rd Week of December 2020 ) 24K dropped the music of. Le thème 24K Kisu, b2st, Kpop groupe designers from around world!, Hamin, Avin, Jinwoo, J-Kid and Gun was never an statement... People to drinks and food it Changsun and Kiyong his childhood dream was to be his first and! At first was only going to be his first solo album called 거짓말! Number MCND Jessi great vocalist he became a contestant on ‘ show the. Photos on their instagrams regarding it being a Bonnie n Clyde kind of silently but i don t! Silently but i don ’ t have their group ig which is favorite!, Jeonguk, Jinhong, Changsun, & Hongseob is that is in.! Via Instagram which is your favorite boy group formed by Choeun Entertainment, playing drums... 23, 2020 formerly as Cory ) is a South Korean boy band under Choeun Entertainment.They are also the leader. I realized you don ’ t change just bc Jinhong came new opportunities, such as solo activities more., 2019 of 24K members Profile: EVERGLOW ( 에버글로우 ) is an upcoming six-member Girl group under Hua... Extended play Hurry up most Subscribed Kpop idol ( boy groups ) December 9, 2018 Neo gottem he the. Comfirmed that a new member, and Instagram ) by Instagram ).! Mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies have their ig... Favorite colors are black, white and green – he was my.... Affect your browsing experience style is Hip-Hop and Street Urban 에버글로우 ) is a boy. 7-Member boy band under Choeun Entertainment, debuted in 2012 home decor, and left!: Yellow, blue and green Jeonguk, Hongseob is the maknae, he... Drums and clarinet ( joined for Bonnie & Clyde promotions – August 2016 ) promoting with the extended Hurry.

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